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Greetings ye wayfarers, to Amethyst Angel's un-official online shrine to

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to "Bored of the Rings", or to any of the Tolkien books which it so deftly parodies. (I wish I did, though. MAN, I'd be rollin' in the fun-yuns and the Dr. Pepper and the cheap romance novels, and I'd have a tropical seaside house with hot and cold running cabana boys. Oh yeah. Life o'Riley, man. Life o'Riley....) Anyway, I'm not making any money off of this page, so please, don't nobody sue me. This is just a fan page created for what passes in my pathetic little mind for fun.

If you care to leave your thoughts and comments about my webpage, or wish to discuss "Bored of the Rings", or any of the Tolkien works it's based on, (or geek out completely and role-play as a "Bored of the Rings" character), feel free to visit my official "Bored of the Rings Unofficial Fan Forum", (also known as:)

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